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Cedar Cube
You can find your life partner
or have a more fulfilled relationship even after many years of disappointment.
Why CedarCube
  • Our ethos and values are based on the word of God
  • We support couples in enriching and sustaining a happy and healthy relationship
  • We target singles looking to stay in a committed relationship that ends in marriage.
  • We work online and offline and we support you all the way
  • We work on developing the whole individual offering enriching counselling, coaching, events and seminars
  • We offer enhanced facilities for members such as business networking and buddy exchange programme

The moment you've been waiting for...

  • alex & watson

    We met on CedarCube. Went on a few dates & just completely hit it off.

Our services are multi dimensional in that we are not just a dating service or marriage introduction agency. We offer a unique and dynamic service that enhances and enriches our members thereby making them a more valuable asset in their relationship. We don't work from a distance, we work together with our clients in order to offer them the finest confidential services required to achieve their personal and relationship goals.

Our firm belief is that a lasting relationship is first of all built on a solid foundation. Cedarcube aims to help people find others who are compatible. We believe love grows when the conditions are right.

We work online and offline with a combination of traditional online dating, bespoke marriage introductory service, social events, retreats and personal development services such as counselling, coaching, mentoring seminars and webinars.

We're a social enterprise but we feel very strongly about the services we provide and believe that they should be available to everyone. All profits go back into providing better services and making them accessible to a wider audience, hence the reason why we have made our rates as affordable as possible compared to other similar services on the market.