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Speakers on Building the Excellent Family 2021


Ihuaku Patricia Nweke
Essex, UK

Entrepreneur, Founder of Cedarcube

Ihuaku Patricia Nweke, BSc, MSc, MCIPS is the founder of Cedarcube a social enterprise focused on family restoration. 


In October 2018, Cedarcube established the “Behind the Mask” project which has helped a number of women and families affected by domestic abuse by providing them with counselling and therapy as well as educational and financial support and particularly so during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. In 2019, Cedarcube was shortlisted out of over 20,000 organisations nationwide for the National Diversity Awards, United Kingdom. Cedarcube has also won several other awards such as the London Live Wire Prestige awards Relationship counselling service 2019. 

She has recently founded the International Consortium for Domestic Peace which has been formed alongside a number of Domestic Abuse Advocates Worldwide


Ihuaku has always had a creative flair and in July 2008, she pursued her creative passions in earnest, undertaking training in fashion and design and starting her own jewellery and fashion line, I.Kollection. Since then, I.Kollection fashion has featured in Vogoue, African Fashion Week London (AFWL), Fashion finest London Fashion Week, and projects with the Common Wealth Fashion Council. 


Ihuaku is a Chartered Procurement professional (MCIPS) and for 17 years has consulted in procurement to U.K public sector organisations. 


She is an Amazon Best Selling Author and has been a speaker at several international forums such as the Women’s Economic Forum. In 2015, She was conferred with the chieftaincy title of Ola Edo (Gold) of Ndumeze Kingdom, Enugu State in Ibo Land, Nigeria. 


Ihuaku is married to Chidiebere Nweke with whom they are blessed with three bright and energetic boys.

Wai-yee Schmidt.jpeg

Wai-yee Schmidt
Frankfurt, Germany

Global Investor, Founder of Kings & Wealth Conferences

Wai-yee is an attorney-turned investor with a strongly diversified multi-million portfolio of active and passive investments. Her investing background is real estate and has been an active real estate investor since 2010. She has owned a successful flip business remodeling and selling apartments in Frankfurt, Germany. Her real estate portfolio includes German as well as global real estate in different parts of the US.


She is also a board advisor to US algorithmic tech company Boon Logic, Inc. and European property tech platform Wai-yee has developed exclusive investor networks globally that have given her access to exceptional high-yield deals ranging from Hollywood film-making to real estate development in the US and in the UK.  


Wai-yee is also the founder of Kings & Wealth Consulting LLC, a coaching consulting company, working with leaders and businesses to propel them to their fullest potential in identity, purpose, and impact and to create wealth to shape communities. 


Wai-yee is also highly active in giving back through her rich repertoire of church-related activities. Wai-yee has developed teaching resources focusing on Biblical identity, leadership and kingship, resource-stewarding, and purpose-driven wealth-building.


The annual global Kings & Wealth conferences hosted by her provide a mindset-shifting grid for Christians to flourish and succeed while they spearhead God-directed influence in the world. Her trademark is authenticity and her materials are chockfull with incredulous, outrageous testimonials demonstrating the power of God's Word to change lives and our world at large. She is the author of the book entitled, 'Kings & Wealth Part 1'.


Athin Cassiotis.jpg

Athin Cassiotis
Sydney, Australia

Business Coach, Mentor & Results Strategist

Athin Cassiotis is a Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Results Strategist, Business Coach, Mentor, Consultant and Podcast Host. After over 14 years of being in business and running multiple companies, he now helps businesses start or grow to 6 figures and beyond online sustainably.


You can learn more from Athin Cassiotis on The Business Growth Show, where he interviews successful entrepreneurs and celebrities, including Jay Abraham (Highest Paid Marketer in the World), Bruce Buffer (UFC Announcer), Jillian Michaels (The Biggest Loser USA), JT Foxx (World's #1 Wealth & Business Coach), George Koukis (Founder of Temenos which is worth over $5 Billion). He talks about all components of business and how to utilise them for exponential growth.


He has also spoken on stage in front of 2,500 people alongside Steven Bradbury & Bruny Surin (Olympic Gold Medallists), Stedman Graham (Business Leadership Expert & Oprah Winfrey’s partner) and JT Foxx (the World’s #1 Wealth & Business Coach).

Bishop Mel.jpg

Bishop Dr Melody Sakala-Makore
Newcastle, UK

Diplomat, Business Consultant

Rt Rev Honorable Dr. Melody Makore is known as Bishop Dr. Mel, a young woman with a spirit as energetic as her fame, she embodied a new style and leadership that is much needed in the world today. She has managed to penetrate national and racial groups worldwide and has been much-admired by young and old people at every
level of life.

The youngest first black woman to be ordained as the Bishop, in Europe and 77 Balkans Nations and a Governor of Academy of Universal Global Peace (AUGP), she was ordained on the 1st of July 2015 by His Excellency, The Eminent Scientist, Dr. Madhu Krishan in the University of Birmingham.

Dr. Mel's ethical governance is cemented by a sustained commitment to supporting societal and cooperative values in every action at every level throughout her career. She managed to defy the odds by creating a sustained business and community culture which is a significant challenge in many societies and businesses. With a sustained business and community culture, Dr. Mel accumulated experience in speaking, facilitating, and training major corporations, universities, and youth organizations across the globe.

Dr. Mel is a businesswoman, an internationally renowned public speaker, a mindset coach who imparts a vast knowledge in paradigms to both Christian and cooperative leaders to articulate their duties with pro-efficiency whilst producing an excellent result. As a leader in business, she has managed to understand the
impact that business can have on human growth through the implementation of robust commitments to manage and mitigate negative impacts on societies. Dr. Mel has diligently put effort to ensure corporate respect for human rights is put in place.

Tim Kellis.jpg

Tim Kellis 
Florida, USA

Marriage Expert

Renowned Wall Street analyst Tim Kellis takes on what could be considered society’s biggest problem today, divorce.


The journey that led to him tackling such a significant issue was both personal and professional. After a successful career that eventually landed him on Wall Street Tim met what he thought was the girl of his dreams, only to see that the relationship would end with bitterness and anger.


The journey included work with a marital therapist, and after he discovered the therapist wasn’t really helping decided to tackle the issue himself. He is here to teach couples how to create a lifelong marriage. The following interview summarizes his message;

Nkechi Okorocha.jpeg

Nkechi Okorocha
Kent, UK

Executive Sales Director of Mary Kay
Lysia Jaye.jpg

Lysia Jaye
Essex, UK

Health Entrepreneur

Lysia runs a successful online health and wellness business and coaches others who are on the same mission - to improve their health and wealth. Lysia describes her “business” as more of a “lifestyle”– which has fast become a key ingredient in keeping her mindful, balanced, taking care of herself and laying the foundations for a healthy mind and body every day.

Ensuring she has a daily routine that enables a healthy work/life balance – she takes time out for herself to focus on mindset, exercise, relaxation, nutrition, goals and visions, and pursue her ultimate passion: to help others feel better mentally and physically – even spiritually.

Through a programme of daily nutritional supplements, alongside improved food and water intake, exercise, mindset, inspiration, guidance, and being part of a like-minded, supportive and fast-growing community on social media – Lysia helps other people to “add more life to their years!”.

“Never has it felt more rewarding, nor necessary than it does now - to support other people with the fundamentals of their health; better sleep, improved gut health, increased energy, hormonal balance, uplifted mood, strengthened immune systems, lowered anxiety, improved mental clarity, focus, reduced inflammation, weight management and so on”.

Lysia says “focusing on positivity, gratitude, health, abundance and balance, right now, is key to survival in the uncertain world we live in”.  Through these practices, Lysia describes herself as being a “happier wife, mum, mentor, leader – and person in general!” and feels blessed to be able to help more people feel the same - to be the best versions of themselves.

Lysia is creating a life she loves and paving her own path to freedom, whilst helping others in their journeys.  In doing so, she is lighting the way for her own family to live a healthier lifestyle, follow their passions and manifest their dreams.  

“When you’re living your best life you feel free, energised, motivated, yet calm and relaxed… you are able to keep on giving, sharing, inspiring and loving on other human beings… which is truly what the world needs more of right now and for the future.”

Lysia is 44 years old, married over 19 years and a mother of two teenagers. She left grammar school at 18 with top A-levels in languages and secretarial qualifications – going straight into employment as a legal secretary in top law firms in the city. Lysia worked her way up to being the Personal Assistant to the CEO Managing Partner of the largest global law firm by her early 20s.  Later on, after having her family, she took a part-time local PA role where she has been for the past nine years, now based mainly from home.


Health, wellbeing, guiding and empowering others has always been close to her heart; Lysia has practised classical Yoga since 1999 and became a qualified Hypnobirthing practitioner in 2008, has since helped several hundred families.  Her entrepreneurial spirit has also seen her run a successful beauty business.

Dixie Thankey.jpeg

Dixie Thankey
Warwickshire, UK

Relationship Mindset Coach

Dixie Thankey is an international relationship and mindset strategist. Dixie shows people how to upgrade their thinking and habits for life-changing success in their relationships (and life!). Under her mentorship, women and couples are able to successfully remove deep-rooted blockages and connect powerfully with themselves and their loved ones. 


As a wife and mother who is balancing a leadership-level corporate career and a successful coaching business, Dixie is an expert in her field and mentors people through transformational private coaching sessions, group programs, and online courses. She has garnered a 20k-strong following for her business' Facebook page, over 1700 followers on her private Facebook community and Instagram and, more than 2,000 email subscribers. 


She is a certified life coach from Tony Robbins' RMT Center, holds a Strategic Intervention Certification based on Milton Erikson's strategic and family therapy, and also helps her clients manage negative emotions, beliefs and pain through Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Dixie lives in the UK with her husband, her son, her two dogs and a cat. 


Dixie's mission is to move 1 million people from their heads to their hearts. 

Tosin Ogunnusi.jpeg

Tosin Ogunnusi
London, UK

Mindset and Empowerment Specialist

Tosin Ogunnusi is a mindset and empowerment specialist who helps small business owners and one-man bands to extract their know-how or knowledge and package it into a solution framework that they can leverage and monetise.


In addition, Tosin helps medium and large-sized organisations with Peak Performance for their teams through dynamic team-building events.


If there's anyone wanting to package their expertise into an online solution framework then get in touch!


My areas of expertise are:


Trainer of NLP for 15 years.


Speaking Coach and Trainer for 15 years


Alignment and Meditation instructor for over 20 years.


Personal Development for 26 years

Aneta Buckthought.jpeg

Aneta Buckthought
London, UK

Coach and Consellor

Over the last decade, Aneta worked for prominent organisations in many counties. With that in mind, the purpose of becoming a coach was based on her interest in people’s emotions and what role they are playing in their career and outside world. Thus, she completed her second MSc in Career Management and Coaching.

Since 2008 she is practicing Family & Systemic Constellations, which she’s implementing in her coaching practice. Also, Aneta participated in many workshops and training activities, as well as completed many coaching qualifications in several fields.

With all of that, she gained exceptional knowledge in academia, psychology, and the spiritual world. Combined, they create a unique approach to working with coaching clients. Not only her career but due to her personal experience in therapeutic and spiritual activities, she created a method for looking into resources within ourselves. She designs bespoke coaching packages for each client, and assists in reaching the ultimate goal together with balancing mind, body, and soul.

Her belief lies in people’s resources and their family/work systems. Aneta’s brand purpose is to coach and teach people how to achieve their highest potential and stay authentic to themselves. She is also a public speaker and a mother to three beautiful boys.


At present, she is working with individual clients and groups online and assisting in building several businesses together with her husband.    

Mo Mobindiah.jpeg

Maureen Mbondiah Mandipaza
Zimbabwe, Africa


Entrepreneur and Business Mentor

Maureen Mbondiah is a United Kingdom award winning entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. She was born on the 10th of April 1984 in Kwekwe and grew up in Bulawayo.


In November 2014, She launched the Womanhood Global organisation to equip women in disadvantaged communities to be self-sufficient through facilitating fundraising events, and then she went on to launch the Womanhood Global magazine in 2016 which covers Community business and Health issues affecting women globally.


She is the founder and operations Director of Dravens Healthcare an organisation that provides healthcare staff for establishments in the West Midlands in the United Kingdom.


(Mo) Mbondiah started her own business in 2016 through a desire to have more control over when she worked and what she earned. Mo wanted to be able to influence and have the autonomy to change policies and improve her organisation for the better.


Through this journey, Mo has become a multi-award-winning entrepreneur building a successful healthcare business from scratch that she now uses as a Franchise Model for others to build their own businesses. Mo is also a property investor and has utilised her portfolio to provide supported living in the community.


Mo has recently returned to study and is currently an MBA Student in Leadership and Management at St Johns University, York. Mo studies whilst running several other businesses and charitable concerns have recently opened an orphanage in Zimbabwe and are a patron for the Against All Odds charity, which is in Chitungwiza. In 2017, she donated sewing machines to empower struggling women in Gokwe village in Zimbabwe.


Mo is passionate about inspiring women in business and offers business mentoring services to aide women who may be facing obstacles in their business journey. Mo hosts a regular talk show called Leading Women on both her Facebook and YouTube channel, where she finds other inspiring women and shares their stories in order to help and inspire others.


Mo is currently based in Zimbabwe and the director of Dravens Group. A brand that houses vintage supermarkets and malls that offers retail and online grocery shopping to Chitungwiza and countrywide. In addition, she's also the director of Dravens Construction, a construction company that offers construction services to people in Zimbabwe and in the diaspora.

Britta Ofori Kuragu.jpg

Britta Ofori Kuragu
London, UK

Purposeful Parenting Practitioner

Britta Ofori-Kuragu is a Purposeful Parenting Practitioner, a mother of two young children, an author of the eBook 'Raising Young Entrepreneurs', as well as a co-author (alongside 100 + Black Women) of the ground-breaking book ‘Love Letters to My Girls’.

Britta is an avid advocate for raising children gently, intentionally, and purposefully and she loves supporting mothers on their journey to creating a peaceful home for their children to thrive. She also has a keen interest in empowering mothers to support their children to share their creativity, unique gifts, and interests with the world and build an enterprise around those interests.


Britta’s children called Prince and Verity, who are 7 and 4 years old respectively, each has an enterprise centered around their unique interests. They are already making a huge impact with their ventures, have served customers around the world, and have been featured in the newspaper. She believes this only became a possibility after she became conscious and intentional about raising her children in a way that gently nurtures and honors their authenticity and true essence.

Britta has a firm belief that there is no such thing as a perfect parent; however, every mother has been presented with an opportunity to learn and grow alongside their children and nurture them in a way that develops their inner compass, self-esteem, and creativity. Due to her own adverse and challenging childhood circumstances, she also believes that this approach to parenting strengthens the parent-child relationship based on a deep sense of connection, communication, collaboration, and mutual respect.

Britta is from Ghana - West Africa, but has lived in Denmark and Australia and now resides in the UK. She is on a mission to help mothers with a challenging childhood turn their wounds into wisdom and break the cycle of pain and poverty in order to create a life of peace and prosperity.


Britta has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology/Sociology and an MSc in Public Health. She is always keen to learn, grow and evolve, as she serves humanity.

Tia Jade.jpg

Tia Jade
New York, USA

Relationship Coach

Healing one’s self is a hero's journey.  Overcoming Postpartum Depression and Bipolar Disorder led Tia Jade on an odyssey she could never have anticipated. With stops along the way that included heavy medications, difficult side effects, a herculean effort to overcome the diagnoses naturally, Tia learned the importance of staying true to oneself and continuous growth. 

Using her own experiences in creating her beautiful marriage, as well as relationship training and coaching certification from renowned family therapist Cloe Madanes, and Tony Robbins. She also holds certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Integrative Therapeutic Alignment and has become a successful and dedicated Relationship Coach.

Tia is the founder of Tia Jade Coaching, leading couples on a transformational journey from argumentative roommates to passionate lovers. 

According to the US Census Bureau, about 50% of married couples divorce, the sixth-highest divorce rate in the world. According to Tia, relationship problems are not the obstacle to personal evolution and fulfillment: They  are the way. Emotional intelligence is the foundation of all healthy relationships. The more one can respond instead of react, the easier it will be to get everyone’s needs met, which leads to the freedom to have deeper connection, intimacy, and passion.

Currently, Tia continues to learn, while coaching individuals and couples and supporting them in their quest to find the fulfillment and joy their relationship is missing. Her mission is to impact hundreds of thousands of families to have beautiful relationships to raise joyous and inspired adults. 

You can find Tia on social media and in her Facebook Group “Creating Marriages that Sparkle” - thetiajade

Nkechi Okorocha is a Certified Accountant and an elite Senior Sales Director with MaryKay Cosmetics. She broke records in the history of MaryKay when she became the first Director to make £110,000 in production in one month!


The first UK Director to be the number 1 commission earner in Europe for 2 months in a row. The first UK Director to earn over £10,000, £15,000 and almost £20,000 in one calendar month. The highest UK Director earner ever!


13 years of running a successful business, Nkechi has received several awards and created numerous directors under her leadership. She is a mentor, coach, counsellor, teacher and a renowned & sought-after speaker. She is passionate about women empowerment and raised champions, in both, leadership and children.

She’s a mother to 3 amazing children;

Nneka Okorocha - Medical Doctor 

Emeka Okorocha - A&E Doctor/ Media Doctor

Kelechi Okorocha - Medical Student 

Nkechi starred in the NTA Drama series  - Try Me. She also performed in the highly acclaimed play, Ogwoma, around Nigeria. Due to her outstanding performances over the years, she has been interviewed by international and national journalists. She has also appeared on several media platforms such as BenTV, Love World TV, Power Magazine, National Entertainment Company, and so on.

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