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Speakers on Building the Excellent Family 2020


Ihuaku Nweke, Essex UK 

Ihuaku Patricia Nweke, BSc,MSc, MCIPS is the founder of Cedarcube a social enterprise focused on family restoration. 


In October 2018, Cedarcube established the “Behind the Mask” project which has helped a number of women and families affected by domestic abuse by providing them with counselling and therapy as well as educational and financial support and particularly so during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. In 2019, Cedarcube was short listed out of over 20,000 organisations nationwide for the National Diversity Awards, United Kingdom. Cedarcube has also won several other awards such as the London Live Wire Prestige awards Relationship counselling service 2019. 

She has recently founded the International Consortium for Domestic Peace which has been formed alongside a number of Domestic Abuse Advocates Worldwide


Ihuaku has always had a creative flair and in July 2008, she pursued her creative passions in earnest, undertaking training in fashion and design and starting her own jewellery and fashion line, I.Kollection. Since then, I.Kollection fashion has featured in Vogoue, African Fashion week London (AFWL), Fashion finest London Fashion Week, and projects with the Common Wealth Fashion Council. 


Ihuaku is a Chartered Procurement professional (MCIPS) and for 16 years has consulted in procurement to U.K public sector organisations. 


She is an Amazon Best Selling Author and has been a speaker at several International forums such as the Women’s Economic Forum. In 2015, She was conferred with the chieftaincy title of Ola Edo (Gold) of Ndumeze Kingdom, Enugu State in Ibo Land, Nigeria. 


Ihuaku is married to Chidiebere Nweke with whom they are blessed with three bright and energetic boys.


Ben Green, London UK

Ben is a skilled child practitioner (BSc/JNC), fitness professional, author and has over 14 years’ experience working in education and the health, fitness & wellbeing industry.

From the age of 15, Ben has been actively involved in youth and community work, this began with volunteering at Royals Youth Club in Rainham, Essex.

Through the years Ben has gained valuable experience in group/personal training and fitness and leisure management. 

He has spent most of his career in the education sector, specialist provisions, pupil referral units and secure units, using a variety of physical and therapeutic approaches to help children, young people and families find their inner greatness. Regardless of ability, disability, condition or circumstances, Ben provides a fully inclusive approach to all.

Ben is a mental health advocate and is passionate about getting people active to boost their emotional wellbeing, he strong connection with local communities and uses this platform to bring children and families together to improve their lifestyle. 



Celestina Oniye-Thomas, Croydon UK

Celestina is a muti-award winning CEO at Floating Counselling and a certified Integrative Psychotherapist that specialise in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with over 15 years experience supporting people in achieving their personal goals, healing from trauma and helping parents be more effective with positive discipline, to raise children with more resilence, confidence and wiser with money. Celestina is the author of Art of Disciplining With Love, which she published with her own publishing company and supports others to write and publish their knowlege, passion and personal experiences.


Celestina and her company have partnered with, been funded by and recieved donations for their projects by large well known companies from Coca-Cola to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2, National Lottery and Home office funded project to support and help her community to achieve excellence, and resilence. 


As an ex teacher working in special needs and behaviour challenged schools, schools that were having difficulties managing children's behaviour. Celestina started her clinical theraputic experiences as a school Counsellor with place2Be who have HRH The Duchess of Cambridge as their Royal Patron, and who's work was acknowledged by then President Barak Obama when Celestina was working as School Counsellor at Globe Academy on May 2011. 


Celestina is passionate about helping children flourish in their own unique genius way. This is achieved by facilitating self-growth by empowering clients, young people and parents to identify the challenges being faced, encouraging confidence, facilitating forgiveness and healing from past to reach self-worth and building resilience to overcome past and current challenges to be victorious. 

She founded Floating Counselling in 2014 and is now the CEO of the growing international company, which provides personalised family therapy and coaching tools to support clients in achieving their goals and living a full and prosperous life. 


Celestina strongly believes that parents hold the key in healing the next generation in the community and wants to empower all to heal and overcome to reach their greatness.

Giselle 005.jpg

Giselle Malawar, London UK

Giselle is an Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner specialising in The Alexander Technique, the re-education of the muscular-skeletal system, and psychophysical unit. 
With over 23 years of experience, her passion for teaching continues to grow and evolve as she helps her clients to confidently transform the way they look, feel, move, and perform, enabling them to access their full potential and live their lives on purpose!. 

Her work incorporates undoing habits and patterns of muscular  tension, posture and re-alignment of the head-neck-back relationship,  mindfulness, breathing techniques, meditation practices, gentle whole body stretching, self awareness, stress management, nutrition & natural foods to boost the immune system, mindset, goal setting and personal development.  
She advises on wearable wellness products that help to stimulate the nervous system, manage pain, improve quality of sleep and mood, and help to create a better quality of health, life and performance.  
She also delivers presentations on the subject of Bio flavonoids (live antioxidants) for body and brain homeostasis and advises on products that have been developed by Prof Dr Dinya Zoltan, who is world renowned for cancer prevention and has spent the past 50 years of his life researching the immune system of plants.

Giselle has worked in a number of companies and clinics to introduce the Alexander Technique. Previous clients include: Harrods, M&S, Music Alliance, The Job Centre, 2Simple Software, The British Library, and The Wyndham Physiotherapy Centre, Hatton Garden.  She has delivered Alexander Introductory Courses in health clubs, master classes and  training workshops for physiotherapists, radiographers, personal trainers, pilates and yoga teachers as well as hospital staff at the University College of London Hospital.

She was featured on the channel 4 TV programme Child Genius - as an Alexander Teacher for one of the contestants who was suffering with asthma.
She has recently written a chapter for the upcoming book "How to Futureproof your Child - The New Norm" in collaboration with a small group of authors.

Giselle runs creative, fun, holistic workshops that can be delivered in person or online. Her workshops can be tailor made to suit children, teenagers, adults, seniors, corporate, entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs, performing artists, and sports people as well as fun family workshops, to include children, parents and grandparents!

She is a global connector and networker and enjoys helping people to create an amazing life and lifestyle.  She says: "It's not about making a living, but more about making a difference! "
Giselle is the founder of Back in Balance, a Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (MSTAT) and a member of the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council). 
She serves as an Advisory Board Member of the Osei-Kusi Foundation (OKF) who provide holistic educational support for brilliant youth in Ghana made vulnerable by physical disability and financial need.


Helen Nachintu, Manchester UK

Helen Nachintu is a Natural Health Coach and Mentor, TV Presenter and Podcastor. Helen has published books on Amazon Kindle and Audible. She has been a health researcher for over 20 years, and it all began with her grandmother introducing her to medicinal herbs in their Ugandan village of Buikwe. She was also inspired by a number of her own personal health crises, which led her to start a website where she could share her knowledge and experience of natural health remedies, treatments, body detoxes, health protocols, as well as nutritious food and juice recipes.

After many years of working in several major hospitals around Manchester, and advancing her studies in Natural Health, Helen now works online from her home in UK, often helping people that are seeking solutions for natural health and wellness, with a particular emphasis on harnessing the power of natural food and herbs, in order to live a healthier and pain free life. Hence creating The Period Protocol, the 7 Day Venus Club Health Detox, and other health resources, which are all available on her website.

The type of guidance Helen offers to her clients includes, how to use natural and holistic methods to overcome dis-ease, illness, subconscious emotional sabotage, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Helen also works with Akashic Records, and past life healing. The overall service that Helen offers to her clients is aimed at helping them to achieve a balanced mind, body, & soul. 


Sandra Naden Horley,  Northampton UK

Sandra is a retired business and IT lecturer.

Towards the end of her teaching career which was extremely interesting and diverse she decided to go down an altogether different path when she trained to become a hypnotherapist/psychotherapist and counsellor.  5 years ago, Sandra was elected to represent her local area as a county councillor, and was soon after asked to join the cabinet. Firstly,as assistant cabinet lead for children families and education, then cabinet lead member for adult social care and currently for corporate and community services.  

In her political role she also chairs an apprenticeship performance board. She sits on the East Midlands Migration Board and represent her county on the East Midlands Executive Board.  She has also chaired a corporate parenting board and sat on her local Health and Wellbeing Board.

In between her very busy but interesting political role she also runs her psychotherapy and coaching business. She has made presentations to leading high street banks, university students and other concerns in relation to their staffs’ mental health and wellbeing. She works for Anxiety UK and other organisations and since the Covid-19 pandemic she has been volunteering for Frontline19 a government recognised and awarded organisation supporting NHS staff and professionals working on the front line.

Recently she has written a number of online courses in relation to health and wellbeing and how to maintain a positive mental attitude, which are live online and she blogs answering questions daily for an online platform which has seen her answers being viewed almost 11K times within a couple of months. She continues to get asked questions daily. She also writes a bi-monthly newsletter entitled Anxiety Be Gone, where she talks about everything anxiety, ending anxiety, tips and tricks on how to work with anxiety.  The newsletter in its 3rd edition has only been available to download since the pandemic and it is already read by over 60 subscribers.


Her other passion is social media marketing and engagement and since the pandemic she has built up a very substantial catalogue or free and paid for software which she offers on her Facebook Group page and in the future her website, encouraging her members to take advantage of free plugins, content etc., which will add to their websites and landing pages versatility. Her long-established passion for social media, blogging and writing content has led to people asking her to teach them how to engage with their clients online and this has in turn rekindled her enthusiasm for business to motivating her fellow therapists, especially now that they are reliant on their ability to offer their services online and also other organisations that in order to grow their reputation in whatever field they are involved they have to have an established online presence.


Sandra E. Horley's qualifications include B A Hons. PGCE, Dip Hyp. CS. MHS. MCS. BWRT (Adv.) Psychology of Identity and Behaviour. Sandra is also a Member of British Brain Working Research Society (BBRS)


Sabrina Ben Salmi, London UK

SABRINA BEN SALMI BSc aka Dura Mater (the tough outermost membrane enveloping the brain and spinal cord.)



Support Panel Member for UnLtd

Sabrina Ben Salmi is a multiple award winning business/personal development consultant, public speaker and a proud mother of 5 multiple award winning entrepreneurial children who are also multiple award winning authors who also have their own brands, publishing houses and signature programs at the ages of 6yrs to 20yrs old who she refers to as her Fantastic 5 aka The Jackson 5 of The Personal Development World. 20yr old Lashai aka Dreampreneur - Stepping Stones Formula™ & YouSmart™ & Kidz That Dream Big™ and founder of Stepping Stones Publishing House, 15yr old Tray-Sean aka I'm That

KID & Kidz That Dream Big™ & I'm That KID™ & Child Genius™ and founder of Influencer Publishing House, 12yr old Yasmine aka Lovepreneur & The Choice Is Yours™ and founder of The Choice Is Yours Publishing House, 10yr old Paolo aka Pint Size Adventurer™ and founder of Adventrous Publishing House, and 7yr old Amire aka Mr Intelligent & Because I AM Intelligent™ and founder of I AM Publishing House. Sabrina and her five children are the UK Associates for 360Wise Media and together are founders of Sarva, next generation education turning learners into leaders.

Sabrina is listed No.2 on the list for Top 50 Most Inspirational Black Women in the UK 2019 and she is winner of Mother of The Year Award Winner.

Sabrina is founder of Dreaming Big Together Publishing House, The Mobile Single Parents Project™, Dreaming Big Together - Mamas Secret Recipe™ & Shift Happens™ transformational Programs.


Sabrina Ben Salmi is a Podcast Host on Life According To Sabrina and an RSA (Royal Society of Arts) Fellow.


Sabrina works in partnership with Brunel University alongside her five children.

Sabrina and her family have been acknowledged in the credits of a new movie called: How Thoughts Become Things.

Sabrina and her family were sponsored by Chelsea F.C. Foundation to run their 2 Day signature family workshop and were sponsored by Virgin Money to run their individual signature workshops.

Sabrina has been assisting individuals and businesses since 2006 as a professional and business transformation consultant, empowering them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Sabrina's background is in Computer Science, Sabrina is

co-foundering director of Harris Invictus Academy

an OfSted Outstanding Secondary School.

Sabrina is a qualified Personal Performance Coach, Access

Consciousness Practitioner, Master Results Coach, and Master Practitioner in Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Advanced Subconscious Reprogramming and Hypnotherapy. 

"It's about time that we stop giving our children indefinite leave

to remain on the streets and leaving their future to chance. Instead empower them to plant the seed for a brighter tomorrow"

Sabrina and her family have a family mantra and an anthem that they

live by.


If you want to be somebody,

If you want to go somewhere,

You better wake up and


I'm ready to be somebody,

I'm ready to go somewhere,

I'm ready to wake up and


Philip Chan.jpg

Philip Chan, Luton UK

Philip Chan has been a successful teacher for over forty years and he has extensive experience in teaching at all levels of expertise. This ranges from Primary School level through to High Schools, plus College Students, as well as Adult Education.  Philip has conducted hundreds of mathematics workshops working with children and their parents together. Over a number of years using his vast skills mentoring trainee teachers to empower them in the classroom and workshops using his fun and unique techniques, to create excitement and confidence in an instant.


Many of his students have successfully gone on to some of the leading universities such as Oxford and Cambridge  to gain their Ph D and First Class Honours Degrees, as well as a number of his student becoming top leaders  and appointed to senior positions in both business and education.


Philip is a qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner working with groups and individuals on personal development. Philip is a former Elite Sports Performance Coach and has helped many athletes progress to competing at National, International and Olympic standards.


He has been successfully working and mentoring some of the top Executives from UK Blue Chip companies and helped several Global Billion Dollar companies with their expansion plans and development over a number of years.


For more than forty years, Philip has been involved in fund raising for a number of charities,  including UNICEF, Shelter, Oxfam, YMCA and many others by giving informative talks on subjects like : Stress Management; Prevention and Recovery from serious illnesses, such as cancer, without the use of drugs. Other talks include Relaxation Techniques and Memory Training in preparation for academic examinations. All donations go directly to the charities concerned.


He is one of UNICEF Children’s Champion and a supporter for over 56 years and he is included in their official Gits In Wills Legacy video.


Philip is also a motivational speaker and has enriched the lives of countless people in achieving their goals and dreams. Currently he is working with a number of the world’s top business coaches from the UK, Canada, USA, South Africa and Australia plus other countries to develop businesses for mutual benefit.


His goal and dream is to inspire the next generations to develop a positive attitude for learning in all subjects and empower them in the joy of learning, discovery and raising their self beliefs for greater achievement.


His goal is to share these techniques with children and empower teachers across the world with his ’10-Seconds Speed Maths Techniques’ and he would love you to be a part of this success to SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE.

Eve Okpanachi.jpg

Dr Evelyn Okpanachi, London UK

Dr Evelyn Okpanachi is a highly successful business analyst and certified project manager and she is skilled in organising events and more. She has founded and co-founded several organisations, including a charity called the Royal Initiative against Poverty and Starvation, which is a non-profit organisation working alongside international institutions to eradicate poverty in line with ‘sustainable development goals’ SDG.

Dr Evelyn is the founder of The Perfect Package Company, a company dedicated to taking the stress out of event organising. The Perfect Package Company also serves as a directory for anyone that wants to find the best vendors to make their events successful, and they sell a range of products, including wedding and baby shower kits, and candle sets. Dr Evelyn’s background as a project manager has added value to her business as her belief is an event is just another project and the success to any project is to deliver a project within time, budget and quality. Dr Evelyn has used these principles in her career and business.

She is also, the founder of Victorious Ladies; a group that believes that women are integral to society and are very relevant to building happy and strong communities. Dr Evelyn’s passion is to make an impact on community but specifically to empower women to reach their full potential. Evelyn pioneered UK projects such as Homelessness project and ‘make a child smile’ project via Victorious Ladies. 

Dr Evelyn’s passion for people development has led her down the road of personal coaching as she believes ‘that everyone has a gift to be realised to its full potential’. Her drive never to give up until to you reach your goal is what motivates her to impact others with the same energy.

Dr Evelyn has been a governor for education for 8 years and a trustee for an academy for 2 years.

Dr Evelyn Okpanachi has been awarded Doctorate Class of 2020 and Awarded Doctor of Humanity for her dedication to the Prevention against Poverty and Starvation (RIAPS) alongside her her husband Dr James Okpanachi.


Founding member of Rich Woman Africa Society Which celebrates women who influence the world, and involves the publishing of inspirational books and magazines distributed globally, Dr Evelyn is a great believer in building a world where women have the same opportunities as men, and supports them to implement business solutions that create sustainable wealth locally and gives them access to markets and capital.

Her role to encourage you to bring the good news, present information in an accessible and attractive way, and inspire you to build a sense of your true identity. Dr Evelyn is constantly on the lookout to new leadership stories, and with each tell she brings the latest news according to interview’s subject health, business, travel, and social impact.

Dr Evelyn is passionate about philanthropy, and it is at the core of what she does. “What is the use of building wealth, when you can’t help others?”

Dr Evelyn believes in bringing the best out of people and has a passion to see woman flourish. Her work as a life coach has impacted many women and her commitment to bringing about a positive change with the women she coaches is evident. She is not just about change but transformation. Women Empowerment advocates a bridge to support women to build wealth and bettering themselves.

Dr Evelyn believes that the seeds sown will always manifest and she works with you to sow the right seeds. A world class Philanthropist, Dr Evelyn is the mother of two beautiful daughters and the wife of a philanthropist Dr James Okpanachi with whom she works to eliminate poverty.

Dr Evelyn mentors women from around the world to eradicate poverty, bring prosperity to their family and advance their professional experience.

Dr Evelyn’s passion is to make an impact on the community but specifically to empower women to reach their full potential.

Dr Evelyn’s passion for people development has led her down the road of personal coaching as she believes ‘that everyone has a gift to be realised to its full potential’. Her drive never to give up until to you reach your goal is what motivates her to impact others with the same energy.

Wai-yee Schmidt Headshot 2.jpeg

Wai-yee Schmidt, Germany

Wai-yee Schmidt is an ex-attorney turned investor in real estate and equities, and a member of exclusive mastermind investor circles.  Wai-yee's family’s portfolio includes rental properties.  She also owned a successful flip business remodeling and selling apartments in Frankfurt, Germany.  Wai-yee was ordained in 2017 by her spiritual father,  Apostle Ryan LeStrange as a minister under the apostolic TRIBE network.  Her ministry focus is powerful mind-renewal revelations in identity, kingship, resource stewarding and wealth building.  The trademark of her intensive teaching seminars is meaty authenticity, predicated on outrageous personal testimonies, resulting from consistent bold application of Bible principles and experiencing fulfilment thereof.  She is the founder of the global Kings and Wealth Conference whereby she is not only prophetically calling out a clan of kings (kingdom strategic leaders) to advance God’s Kingdom, but also teaching and imparting to the kings, a foundational grid to succeed and dominate in the world.  Kings & Wealth is also the brand fronting her investing businesses worldwide.    

Kevin Graham.png
Matthew Jewson3.jpg

Martin Jewson, Surrey UK

After 12 years of coaching leaders both in business and the voluntary sector, Martin now leads a significant team of financial educators that empower families out of debt and into financial independence. Martin is also part of the leadership team for a house church movement and has a passion for igniting the saints into there destiny. Martin is based in surrey, married to kylie and they have four children with another one on the way. Martin is passionate about his family, his faith and also having a plan for your finances is crucial for those that want to have influence & stability.

Michelle Wille.jpg

Michelle Wille, Luton UK

Michelle Wille worked as a Strategic Planner in the City of London for many years until she gave up work to start a family.  During her time off, as a stay at home mother, one thing became apparent, she had found a way to achieve far more on 1 salary compared to when they were on 2.  


All she had to do was apply those strategic principles she had learned and it was producing wonders.


This enabled them to build 2 extensions to their home without a bank loan.  Slowly, over the years she has become the No. 1 Christian “go-to” for many people to help with money-saving and money management.  Now Michelle runs The Money Management Hub and teaches at seminars and youth bootcamps.  In September 2018, she recordings on money for Premier Christian Radio’s breakfast show and runs a money mentor program that empower people to be better with their personal finances.  During the lockdown of 2020, 15 families joined her program and 8 became totally debt free.  Her favourite words are DEBT FREE!!

Kevin Graham.png

Apostle Kevin Graham, North Carolina, USA 

Kevin Graham is an apostolic strategist with a three-fold calling:  to be a voice concerning the apostolic movement, to mentor emerging apostles/prophets, and to give counsel to apostles in transition. To advance this calling he empowers men and women achieve their apostolic destinies. Apostle Graham is the founder of the Samuel Generation consulting firm that partners with and assists apostles in building and/or strengthening their apostolic networks by seminars and consultations.  He is gifted with a strong apostolic, prophetic, and teaching anointing. Apostle Graham and his wife have been married for 19 years and are the proud parents of three lovely children. 

Trisha Cavena.jpg

Trisha Kavanagh, Bournemouth UK

Trisha is an Apostolic business women who has a track record of several years of starting and scaling businesses particularly in the Health and Wellbeing sector.


Ipax Knight, London UK

Pax knight (The Code) is an aircraft Engineer and consultant with a master’s degree in management, the creator of the friendship code platform, and the author of the book

“The Friendship Code”.His passion stems from having an early interest as an aviator and the happiness derived from studying his dream subject about aircraft which he observed had similar complexity to relationships, to his love for generally interacting with people of different backgrounds and beliefs and observing how such relationships develop and affect the state of our society.


He developed an interest in exploring the effects relationships have on individuals when at an early age he became disenchanted about why despite good intentions some personal friendships experienced seemingly unexplainable difficulties with no clear solutions it seems. He was astonished to discover others faced this unhappiness too on different levels through their friendships, marriages, and social interactions which were meant to bring them joy and fulfillment but instead had the opposite effects.


He also discovered to his amazement that most times these issues could be resolved by simply understanding the “basics” behind the causes of these issues through the use of a common-sense approach and the funny thing about it is that the solution is in how we carry out our daily lives. It is his firm belief that by being conscious of basic human behavior in relation to making friends we can foster good relationships which will eventually produce a domino effect that will impact our society in a positive way.


It is his opinion that relationship is a privilege that shouldn’t be taken for granted as it has the power to affect everything we do positively or negatively once we understand in the most simple way the core principles of relationships he calls ‘Codes’. These codes in effect allow people to make the right choices when making the decision with whom they associate, foster good relationships, derive the happiness they desire from such interaction, and ultimately decides the kind of society we live in.

Profile headshot_.jpg

Jacqueline Francis, London UK

Jacqueline Francis is an Award-Winning Author, Relationship Educator, Founder of SHEmpowers & U.K Advisor Of The International Youth Society.

Jacqueline’s aim is to initiate a campaign raising awareness about Domestic Abuse which includes ​coercive control and to empower young women and girls including those who have been marginalised to access opportunities to build skills and build confidence. This would allow them to have more influence over decisions that affect their lives.

She was awarded ​‘Best Author of the Year 2019​’ for her debut novella - ​Walk Quiet Run Quick ​by the International Women’s Forum, Divas of Colour.

Jacqueline’s second book, ​The Relationship Jigsaw ​is an introductory educational self-help book that goes beneath the superficial level of personal and family relationships. It was written for women and girls to develop their self-confidence and provide skills to achieve personal success.

She is also a contributing author in two anthologies. Blind Spot – ​What The Eyes Didn’t See (volume 1) ​and ​Mind Your Mother Tongue. ​A Parental Guide To Encourage Diverse Children To Learn Their Mother Tongue.

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