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Speakers on Building the Excellent Family 2023


Ihuaku Patricia Nweke
Essex, UK

Entrepreneur, Founder of Cedarcube

Ihuaku Patricia Nweke, BSc, MSc, MCIPS is the founder of Cedarcube a social enterprise focused on family restoration. 

In October 2018, Cedarcube established the “Behind the Mask” project which has helped a number of women and families affected by domestic abuse by providing them with counselling and therapy as well as educational and financial support and particularly so during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. In 2019, Cedarcube was shortlisted out of over 20,000 organisations nationwide for the National Diversity Awards, United Kingdom. Cedarcube has also won several other awards such as the London Live Wire Prestige awards Relationship counselling service 2019. 

She has recently founded the International Consortium for Domestic Peace which has been formed alongside a number of Domestic Abuse Advocates Worldwide

Ihuaku has always had a creative flair and in July 2008, she pursued her creative passions in earnest, undertaking training in fashion and design and starting her own jewellery and fashion line, I.Kollection. Since then, I.Kollection fashion has featured in Vogoue, African Fashion Week London (AFWL), Fashion finest London Fashion Week, and projects with the Common Wealth Fashion Council. 

Ihuaku is a Chartered Procurement professional (MCIPS) and for 17 years has consulted in procurement to U.K public sector organisations. 

She is an Amazon Best Selling Author and has been a speaker at several international forums such as the Women’s Economic Forum. In 2015, She was conferred with the chieftaincy title of Ola Edo (Gold) of Ndumeze Kingdom, Enugu State in Ibo Land, Nigeria. 

Ihuaku is married to Chidiebere Nweke with whom they are blessed with three bright and energetic boys.

Professor Chris Imafidon.jpeg

Professor Imafidon is a world-renowned expert in mathematics education and has been recognized by the Guinness World Records for his impressive accomplishments.  

He will be sharing his insights on the topic of "Success formula for 2024 - Thanks to AI" (5 hidden ways of how Artificial intelligence will impact your fortune, family and future in 2024).  
Don't miss this opportunity to hear from one of the leading experts in STEM.

Professor Chris Imafidon

Special Guest of honour

Steve Owbridge, London UK

Financial Coach & Entrepeneur

Steve Owbridge is an inspiring and passionate trainer/speaker on a mission to change lives in a practical way by empowering people with the relevant skills to change their financial landscape. With over 34 years experience in sales and business he is uniquely equipped to train and mentor people to success. It wasn’t always this way, in 2007 Steve had massive personal debt of over £95,000, was struggling financially to make payments and could not see a way to change. Despite relative success in his businesses he lived a lifestyle beyond his means. 

Through learning how to apply simple principles and strategies, learning how money works and how to apply this knowledge Steve became completely debt free in just a few years and now spends his time sharing this knowledge with others alongside his role as a National Sales Director in a unique financial services / Financial education company.

Whether training and developing thousands of people in Africa through setting up Cisco Academies for Cisco Systems, winning national awards in the Motor industry or building his Financial education and coaching businesses Steve continues to empower and inspire action to help people change their financial lives through increasing their sales and leadership skillset and mindset as well as understanding financial freedom strategies. 

As the author of the book  “Mindset Skillset” Steve has impacted thousands of people throughout the world and his personal mission statement is “Whatever time to spend with someone, make that time valuable in their life”


Lola Owolabi, London, UK

FRSA Paster Leadership Coach

Lola Owolabi FRSA FinstLM Founder Director of Proudtobeme) is an award-winning entrepreneur, qualified leadership/transformational coach, university tutor, writer, trainer , speaker and singer.

She has inspired, motivated, coached, and mentored women and youth from various backgrounds through her organisations Proudtobeme, Ebony Business Network, The Women of Destiny, Make that Move Coaching services and The Wearable Arts Collective .

Lola has galvanized many across the world with her incredible zest for life and the opportunities it brings. She is passionate about creativity employ ability, leadership and entrepreneurship. 

As a strong believer of her community she also serves as a charity trustee and Justice of the peace in her locality.



Anne Iarchy, UK

Weight Loss & Health Coach

Anne Iarchy helps busy people gain back control of what they think, eat and do through weight loss and healthy lifestyle using her 5 simple steps to releasing the real you method.
While working in the corporate world she struggled herself juggling the demands of work and life with leading a healthy lifestyle. Her struggle made her gain weight and in turn affected her confidence, energy and health.
She's made it her mission to help others regain control of their lives and developed a 5 simple steps system which she outlined in her book 5 Simple Steps to Releasing the R

Mo Mobindiah.jpeg

Maureen Mobindiah

Serial Entrepreneur

Maureen Mbondiah is a United Kingdom award winning entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. She was born on the 10th of April 1984 in Kwekwe and grew up in Bulawayo.

In November 2014, She launched the Womanhood Global organization to equip women in disadvantaged communities to be self sufficient through facilitating fundraising events and then she went on to launch the Womanhood Global magazine in 2016 which covers Community business and Health issues affecting women globally.

She is the founder and operations Director of Dravens Healthcare an organisation that provides healthcare staff for establishments in the West Midlands in the United Kingdom.

(Mo) Mbondiah started her own business in 2016 through a desire to have more control over when she worked and what she earned. Mo wanted to be able to influence and have the autonomy to change policies and improve her organization for the better.

Through this journey Mo has become a multi award-winning entrepreneur building a successful healthcare business from scratch that she now uses as a Franchise Model for others to build their own businesses. Mo is also a property investor and has utilized her portfolio to provide supported living in the community.

Mo has recently returned to study and is currently an MBA Student in Leadership and Management at St Johns University, York. Mo studies whilst running several other businesses and charitable concerns, has recently opened an orphanage in Zimbabwe and is a patron for the Against All Odds charity which is in Chitungwiza and in 2017b she donated some sewing machines  to empower struggling women in Gokwe village in Zimbabwe.

Mo is passionate about inspiring women in business and offers business mentoring services to aide women who may be facing obstacle on their business journey. Mo hosts a regular talk show for Leading Women on her Facebook and YouTube channels where she finds other inspiring women and shares their stories in order to help and inspire others.

Mo now based in Zimbabwe is the director of Dravens Group of companies, a brand that houses Vintage supermarket and Mall a supermarket that offers retail and online grocery shopping in Chitungwiza and countrywide, Pahumba Guest house a guest lodge in Kariba  and Dravens Construction a construction company that offers construction services to people in Zimbabwe and in the diaspora.


Dr Jas Gill, London, UK

Medical Practicioner

Dr Jas Gill is an award-winning GP in North West London who successfully manages her medical career with being a property entrepreneur and parent. Her previous appointments include Clinical Lead for Diabetes in a London Clinical
Commissioning Group through which she helped shape diabetes care across North West London. She has represented at the Diabetes All Party Parliamentary Group. She has published research in diabetes and is author of multiple medical books.

Dr Gill has helped setup and delivers coaching workshops to many patients and understands the importance of patient empowerment in order to enable behavior change. She values reflection and encourages others to embrace challenges to aid their growth journey
irrespective of the starting point.


Fatet Anderson
Croydon, UK

Fitness Nutrition Coach

Fatet Anderson, the visionary behind Fit with Fatet, is a dedicated fitness and nutrition coach with over 30 years of experience. Her journey began as a personal hobby and transformed into a lifelong passion that she now shares to empower women. At 51, Fatet stands as a living testament to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Before transitioning to her role as a fitness and nutrition coach, Fatet owned a successful salon. This unique vantage point allowed her to intimately understand the desires and challenges faced by women from diverse walks of life. This realization fueled her determination to establish Fit with Fatet, a company that serves as a platform to create personalized fitness and nutrition programs tailored to the distinct needs and aspirations of women. A firm believer that a healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone of empowerment, Fatet imparts her wisdom to help women achieve their health and fitness goals. Fatet's professional journey took her to OriGym in the UK, where she obtained her fitness training and certification. This educational foundation, combined with her extensive experience, equips her with the knowledge to guide others on their transformative journeys. Beyond her professional pursuits, Fatet is a devoted wife to Sandy Anderson and a loving mother to their son. Her family serves as a source of motivation and a living example of the rewards of a balanced and active life.


Pamela Bunbury Lindsay,UK

Property Developer

With over 30 years experience as a hands-on property developer and owner of a £10m property portfolio, Pamela Lindsay is passionate about empowering others on their own journey to create financial freedom via property. She has developed a number of challenging and impressive builds, from a Grade 2 listed building to boutique hotel and a newbuild using a fast superstructure, while forcing appreciation others can’t see within the property development sector.

Pam enjoys remote investing. Her main portfolio is located in Shoreditch, London, and consists mainly of BRR (buy, refurbish, refinance) and HMO (houses of multiple occupation) properties. She has also developed properties in Somerset and Colchester for use as serviced accommodation.

The natural progression was for her to empower and inspire others. White Glove Property Training offers an exclusive 6-month program where Pam has adopted a hybrid approach which really makes everyone feel like an individual.


Cynthia Tooley MBE, UK

 TV Judge & Charity Director

Cynthia Tooley MBE is a food judge on
Great Chocolate Showdown Food Network (Canada), ITV (UK), The CW (USA)
Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas Channel 4 in the UK, and an expert contributor on Sweetmakers BBC2’s 4 part series. She has been invited on BBC Breakfast, BBC’s One Show, BBC4 Saturday Live and many other radio programs.


In her capacity as a business owner/director, Cynthia has been a preferred supplier to the BRIT Awards, Queen Charlotte’s Ball Kensington Palace, and London Clothes Show. She has won several awards for her business and individually as an entrepreneur. Her cake business became very valuable in its own right, and as well as hugely profitable, with 8 staff and 2 locations and attracting clients from all over the UK, and some as far as Spain, France and Ireland. Brides Magazine named her among the top 10 British wedding cake designers. She just completed the 12th year of supplying to the BRIT awards. She has won regional entrepreneurial awards back to back and a National Lloyds Bank Business Award. Mentoring:

Cynthia is an experienced mentor - coaching both at secondary school, tertiary level as well as business owners. She has mentored at-risk secondary school girls in 4 secondary schools with demonstrable results. She has been a registered business mentor at Oxford Brookes University, University of Hertfordshire and a regular speaker at institutions with an ability to reach and motivate women of all races. She currently coaches business owners across India, Canada & UK to upscale their businesses. She also informally coaches young ladies at University of Buckingham where her husband is Vice Chancellor. Charity:

Cynthia is founder of Jedidiah, a food charity born during the pandemic which has continued post lockdown, and has provided over 2 million meals to 7000+ families in London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Bedfordshire & Liverpool through consistent support. Jedidiah has branches in Hertford, Buckingham & Northampton.


Cynthia is a first generation immigrant originally from Nigeria. She arrived in the UK aged 21 to study her postgraduate degree and has 2 bi-racial children aged 14 & 11. Even though her work takes her all over the world, Cynthia is proud to call the UK home and has been honoured twice by the British Royal Family- once by the Late Queen Elizabeth II receiving a BEM, and recently by King Charles III as an MBE for services to Business, Mentoring & Charity.

Rev. Malcolm MacDonald.jpeg

Rev. Malcolm MacDonald

 Spiritual Leader

Rev. Malcolm MacDonald is a dedicated spiritual leader with 18 years of ordination, currently leading St Mary’s Church in Loughton! 

Malcolm is not only a spiritual guide but also an accomplished author, having penned "Set Me On Fire" in 2015 and "Saturated with God" in 2023. His writings are a testament to his deep spiritual insight and commitment.

His heart beats for revival—revival in our churches, communities, and nation. Malcolm's passion and vision drive him to lead and inspire others to embrace their faith and ignite positive change. 

On a personal note, Malcolm shares his life journey with his wife, Caroline, and their three amazing teenage children. Together, they form a supportive and loving family that epitomizes the values of faith, love, and unity.


Sabrina Ben Salmi

UK Delegate

Sabrina Ben Salmi, affectionately known as "Mum" within the extraordinary Ben Salmi family, is a distinguished figure at the center of their inspiring journey. With a background in personal development, business, and family empowerment, she's a beacon of positivity.
Sabrina's accolades include serving as a UN Women UK delegate for the UN Commission on the Status of Women and being featured in various media outlets, from radio to magazines. She's also a celebrated author with six published books under her own publishing house, “Dreaming Big Together Publishing House."


Dr Evelyn Okpanachi

Business Analyst

Dr Evelyn Okpanachi is a highly successful business analyst and certified project manager and she is skilled in organising events and more. She has founded and co-founded several organisations, including a charity called the Royal Initiative against Poverty and Starvation, which is a non-profit organisation working alongside international institutions to eradicate poverty in line with ‘sustainable development goals’ SDG1
Dr Evelyn is the founder of The Perfect Package Company, a company dedicated to taking the stress out of event organising. The Perfect Package Company also serves as a directory for anyone that wants to find the best vendors to make their events successful, and they sell a range of products, including wedding and baby shower kits, and candle sets. Dr Evelyn’s background as a project manager has added value to her business as her belief is an event is just another project and the success to any project is to deliver a project within time, budget and quality. Dr Evelyn has used these principles in her career and business. She is also, the founder of Victorious Ladies; a group that believes that women are integral to society and are very relevant to building happy and strong communities. Dr Evelyn’s passion is to make an impact on community but specifically to empower women to reach their full potential. Evelyn pioneered UK projects such as Homelessness project and ‘make a child smile’ project via Victorious Ladies. Dr Evelyn’s passion for people development has led her down the road of personal coaching as she believes ‘that everyone has a gift to be realised to its full potential’. Her drive never to give up until to you reach your goal is what motivates her to impact others with the same energy. Dr Evelyn has been a governor for education for 8 years and a trustee for an academy for 2 years. Dr Evelyn Okpanachi has been awarded Doctorate Class of 2020 and Awarded Doctor of Humanity for her dedication to the Prevention against Poverty and Starvation (RIAPS) alongside her her husband Dr James Okpanachi.
Founding member of Rich Woman Africa Society Which celebrates women who influence the world, and involves the publishing of inspirational books and magazines distributed globally, Dr Evelyn is a great believer in building a world where women have the same opportunities as men, and supports them to implement business solutions that create sustainable wealth locally and gives them access to markets and capital.
Her role to encourage you to bring the good news, present information in an accessible and attractive way, and inspire you to build a sense of your true identity. Dr Evelyn is constantly on the lookout to new leadership stories, and with each tell she brings the latest news according to interview’s subject health, business, travel, and social impact.
Dr Evelyn is passionate about philanthropy, and it is at the core of what she does. “What is the use of building wealth, when you can’t help others?”
Dr Evelyn believes in bringing the best out of people and has a passion to see woman flourish. Her work as a life coach has impacted many women and her commitment to bringing about a positive change with the women she coaches is evident. She is not just about change but transformation. Women Empowerment advocates a bridge to support women to build wealth and bettering themselves.
Dr Evelyn believes that the seeds sown will always manifest and she works with you to sow the right seeds. A world class Philanthropist, Dr Evelyn is the mother of two beautiful daughters and the wife of a philanthropist Dr James Okpanachi with whom she works to eliminate poverty.
Dr Evelyn mentors women from around the world to eradicate poverty, bring prosperity to their family and advance their professional experience.
Dr Evelyn’s passion is to make an impact on the community but specifically to empower women to reach their full potential.
Dr Evelyn’s passion for people development has led her down the road of personal coaching as she believes ‘that everyone has a gift to be realised to its full potential’. Her drive never to give up until to you reach your goal is what motivates her to impact others with the same energy. Her life and career is a model to growing women in society today, transitioning in between the balance of life at home and life in the community. She is not just a successful entrepreneur; she is happily married and proud mother of two.

James Okpanachi.jpeg

Dr James Okpanachi

Author, Speaker and Trainer

Dr James Okpanachi is married to Dr Evelyn Okpanachi and the father of two daughters; Shekinah and Neriah. He is a published Author, Speaker and Trainer. He is popularly known as an Infopreneur, Technopreneur and Philantropreneur. He is the CEO and Founder of “Royal Global” which is a conglomerate of companies including: Royal Initiative Against Poverty and Starvation (RIAPS), Royal Leadership Consults (RLC), Royal Digital Consultancy (RDC), the Arabian-African Strategic Development Consultancy (AASDC). These entities were born out of a passion to close the poverty gap and enhance productivity and prosperity in developing countries.
Despite a successful career spanning over a decade as a sought-after CRM Solution Architect in the United Kingdom with five-star clients such as Microsoft, McLaren, United Nations, SABB Riyadh, City of Westminster and Royal Borough of Kensington; his drive for development in developing nations has kept him in the centre of Transformation and Reformation in Arabian and African communities. He is currently leading the biggest research in history by any known Consultancy, with the aim to publish 400 books about Leading Luminaries globally with an emphasis on African and Arabian business and political Leaders. This is to ensure we capture the thoughts and wisdom of our founding Fathers to achieve sustainable development in our countries and communities. His passion for Intellectual property as a tool to eradicate poverty is endless; this has also led to the birth of several books including “Who says the Poor Must Stay Poor”, “101 Leadership Tips from my Lips” Vol.1, Vol.2 and Vol.3. He is a Thought Leader, Leadership Consultant with a cutting edge as a Change Agent and National Reformer. He is the Convener of “The Change Leaders” and “Change Agents Conferences” to mention a few. His passion for philanthropy resulted in several humanitarian interventions through RIAPS both locally and globally which has earned him both National and International recognition across several boarders.


Dr Sunny Ahonsi

CEO School of Bionatural Medicine & Founder London Medical Conferences

As a passionate healthcare innovator, Sunny is on a mission to provide faster, accessible, and affordable healthcare provisions both for people who live in high population densities as well as those in remote areas. Sunny is the CEO and founder of The SchoolOfBioNaturalMedicine, a UK-based organisation launched in 2018, that enables a patient to get access to a doctor 7/24/365 simply in the comfort and privacy of their home or on the move anywhere in the world with their smartphone, tablet or computer.

The School Of BioNatural Medicine has created the "Amazon of Healthcare" - a multitude of health products and services that provide affordable optimum health solutions against various health conditions. These health solutions leverage fast diagnosis with Al technology and cutting-edge solutions to speed up recovery after colds or flu, help with weight loss, vitality, detox, prevent radiation, and much more.

Alessandro Babalola.jpeg

Alessandro Babalola

Olivier award winning actor, writer, director, musician,  dramaturg 

Alessandro Babalola is an Olivier award winning actor, writer, director, musician,  dramaturg and workshop leader of Nigerian descent, born and raised in Leyton, East London. He studied acting at the Arts University of Bournemouth. He has performed in various Short films including ’Samantha’s Choice’ by Marie Helene Boyd which was selected for Cannes Film Festival 2016 and Harry Jackson’s critically acclaimed ‘Stop and Search’. Alessandro has also done various Off West End plays, Fringe Theatre productions and regional productions including a one man show  ‘Jesse Owens Olympic Legacy’ (2012, 2016) funded by the Olympics committee and a national tour of ‘Othello’ with ’Sisata’  (2017). Alessandro has performed in two pantomimes with the Oxford playhouse theatre (2017 and 2018). In 2017 Alessandro Babalola landed 'FLESH & BONE’ ( National Theatre, Soho Theatre, Fringe First, Adelaide Fringe Best theatre and Critics Choice award ) with Unpolished Theatre company which toured across 2 years and won them an Olivier Award in 2019. His performance in ‘FLESH & BONE’ led to him being cast in season 3 of ’Top Boy’ on Netflix;  a performance that had him placed on Evening Standard’s one to watch for 2020.  Alessandro  was then cast in another Netflix original called ‘Cursed’. He was also cast in ITV's detective series 'The Unforgotten' (2020), featured prominently in Guy Ritchie’s ‘Wrath Of Man’ (2021) and Nigerian Netflix film 'Blackmail’(2021). Alessandro’s next film will be Guy RItchie’s ‘Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare’ which is set to be released in January 2024

Alessandro has written and directed 3 plays including; 'INVINCIBILLY’, which premiered at the Wandsworth Fringe festival in 2019 and 'The Perfect Companion' which first showed at the Pleasance Theatre in November 2019. In addition to writing for and performing on the stage; Alessandro is Artist in Residence at Soho Theatre,  on the board for Soho Theatre and is Co Chair of the Soho Theatre Walthamstow board.

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