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Building the Excellent Family summit 2022. will truly equip you to Sow and Reap in a famine and global recession!
 Each session is infused with its own unique atmosphere and energy;   
I’m the Raising the Next Generation session, you will learn about the 3 P approach to success as well as the GREAT method of raising children. 
Learn how to prepare, pray as well as plan for your children’s future.
 In the Health and Wellbeing session, you will learn ways to completely cut out  sugar and retrain your taste buds and 5 tips to have and prepare a healthy meal even on a tight budget. 
 Learn how to overcome emotional triggers by asking 3 key questions as well as a short Heart Math led meditation to relax your nerves during the day.
In the Finance and Wealth session, you will learn the 4 ways to make wealth,  the 33% rule of connection and the 3 Ps to success. 
In the relationship and marriage session, you will  learn the key to healthy  us that relationships and how to balance masculine and feminine energy for a happy relationship.  
In the Spirituality and Purpose session, you will learn what diverts you from your purpose and How to stay on course as well as how to apply decrees and basic biblical principles to achieve success in our daily lives. 
All in all, this recording set contains more than  200 years (yes, we did the maths) of experience and wisdom  shared across various professions, sectors and topics

Building the Excellent Family 2021 Download

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