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Building the Excellent Family summit 2022. will truly equip you to Sow and Reap in a famine and global recession!
 Each session is infused with its own unique atmosphere and energy;   

In the Health and Wellbeing session, you will learn ways to completely cut out  sugar and retrain your taste buds and 5 tips to have and prepare a healthy meal even on a tight budget. 
 Learn how to overcome emotional triggers by asking 3 key questions as well as a short Heart Math led meditation to relax your nerves during the day.


Session 2: Saturday 2nd October 2021.

BEF  2021 – Building The Ark: Health and Wellbeing
Speakers: Lysia Jaye, Tosin Ogunnusi, and Aneta Buckthought.


Health & Wellbeing

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